Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

Preparing your children for school during the summer months shows your diligence as a parent. One of the most important aspects for which to plan is your child’s eye health. The American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus emphasizes the need for extensive eye exams before classes begin. If you have been thinking about this, here’s what you should know about why back-to-school eye exams are important.

Good Vision Skills Are Mandatory

Pediatric eye experts recommend comprehensive eye exams before school starts because children learn more effectively when they see clearly. Here are some of the visual skills that your child needs to perform well in school:

  • Eye-hand coordination. Children need this skill to direct their hands in playing sports or doing schoolwork.

  • Visual acuity. This ability helps your child to see clearly while reading a book, following notes on the blackboard and using a computer.

  • Visual perception. With this visual skill, your child can organize various images on a page into words, letters, and thoughts.

  • Eye focusing. Through good eye focusing, your child can maintain sharp vision from a faraway object to a near object. An example is looking at a chalkboard and then writing down notes on a piece of paper.

  • Eye-tracking. This skill helps your child concentrate on the target object as it moves from one point to another.

Children Don’t Know They Have Eyesight Issues

Clinical studies reveal that one out of four children suffers from vision problems. Several of these eye conditions do not show symptoms during their early stages. That is why back-to-school eye exams should happen before classes start. Your pediatric eye doctor can detect any of your child’s underlying vision irregularities.

Vision Problems Start During Childhood

If you notice that your children are starting to hold reading materials closer to their face or moving up closer to the television, it may be the start of nearsightedness or myopia. If undetected, your child could have problems reading something on the chalkboard while sitting in his seat. This will make learning extremely difficult. With your pediatric eye doctor, you can help your child perform well in school.

Gadgets Can Affect Your Child’s Vision

The current pandemic is now requiring students to spend more time in front of computers and other technological gadgets for learning. Eye experts say that blue light exposure increases your child’s risk of developing eye disorders. Your pediatric eye doctor may prescribe specially coated computer eyeglasses to help prevent eye disorders.

Sports and Play Require Eye Protection

With back-to-school eye exams, your child can see well while performing physical activities such as sports and regular play. To protect your child’s eyes, your eye specialist can recommend protective eyewear such as goggles.

Your child’s overall performance at school depends on good eyesight. With extensive eye exams, your child can go through another school year successfully. Here at Northwest Ohio Vision Center, we can help your child have a good academic start with our complete back-to-school eye exams. Please visit our clinic in Bryan, Ohio, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 419-452-4830 if you want to set an appointment or make inquiries about our back-to-school eye exam packages.

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