Latest Trends in 2020: Latest Eyeglass Styles

Latest Trends in 2020: Latest Eyeglass Styles

Latest Trends in 2020: Latest Eyeglass Styles

Latest Trends in 2020: Latest Eyeglass Styles

It’s rather easy to think of eyeglasses as an afterthought. For some people, it could be seen as a luxury. While this may be true, your eyewear is, more often than not, the one finishing touch that will perfect your ensemble. The search for stylish, well-made eyeglasses could span decades and see you through many phases in life.


What to Consider This Year

While there are eyeglass styles that can draw attention to your quirky side, others can brandish poise and elegance. Here are the popular options in 2020:


  1. Frames. Although frames with no tint remain this season, crystal tints are becoming real winners. Shades of brown, green, blue, rose, and burgundy have gone trendy. The most popular designs match the tinted frames with silver, golden, or gunmetal gray plates made of metals. Translucent frames are best for neutral-colored outfits. They are simple, sophisticated, and give an extra pop of color to your face.


  1. Lens Shapes. Thick rectangles seem dated. But deep squares and retro-inspired round lens shapes are catching eyes. Vintage aviators, as a classic, looks like it will never die. Transparent frames with thick rims and timeless tortoiseshell eyeglasses are also a hot topic this year.


  1. Lens Treatments. While flat-based lenses are now dated, lens wash and blue light filters have become popular. Although most lens wash may block out harmful UV rays, it will not reduce glare as what polarized lenses can. The subtle tint on your glasses, however, keeps eyes visible. This means that the lens wash is equally great indoors. It can also add a charming effect to your frames. Further, as more and more people turn to work from home, there is no wonder that some are reaching for glasses with a blue light filter. It is known to help lessen the glare not just from the sun but also from devices like smartphones and computers. The extra filter embedded in your computer lens aids in reducing eye strain caused by blue light.


What to Consider When Choosing Glasses


Before you start looking for the latest styles this year, it is best to consider the following bases of picking the right eyeglasses.


  1. Face Shape. An essential aspect of finding the latest eyeglass style is the shape of your face. Finding balance and achieving harmony between your eyewear and facial features work well all the time.
  3. Skin Tone. Skin with warm complexion, which is characterized by peach, yellow, to golden undertones, should avoid contrasting frame colors. However, you definitely can opt for shades of brown and green. Skin with cold undertones, which include pinkish or bluish hues, blend in well with white, black, grey, and purple shades.
  5. Personality and Lifestyle. Whether you are looking for classic designs or modern styles, always go for the eyeglasses that best match your personality and lifestyle. Your choice of eyewear can say a lot about who you are. You can opt for a pair of glasses that emphasize your fun-loving side. You can also choose a style that showcases a private vibe or business tone. Further, pick the eyeglasses that best suit your lifestyle. For example, people who lead an active life should choose frames that can be bent and twisted without breaking.


Are you thinking of getting a new pair of glasses? At Northwest Ohio Vision Center, we can help you find the style that fits your needs and personality. Visit our clinic today in Bryan, Ohio, or call us at (419) 452-4830, to make an appointment.

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