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Discussing UV and Solar Blue Light Protection with your Eye Doctor

Most people think that visits to their eye doctor are only needed for eye tests, or if you are experiencing problems with your eyes or vision. However, these are far from the only services they provide.

Why the 20-20-20 rule is important for eye health

You’ve probably heard of the 20-20-20 rule, but when was the last time you actually followed it? Our eye health is just as important as the health and wellbeing of the rest of our body, yet many of us take it and clear sight for granted.

Can Allergies Cause Dry Eyes?

Most people can agree that trying to differentiate between allergic symptoms and dry eye condition can be challenging. Many individuals who often have allergies also experience dry eye symptoms.

Top Tips on How to Prevent Digital Eye Syndrome - Reduce Eye Strain

Today, almost every activity requires the use of technology. Whether at work, home, school, or at a restaurant, you will use a blue light device. The average person spends more than eight hours in front of a digital screen each day.

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

Preparing your children for school during the summer months shows your diligence as a parent. One of the most important aspects for which to plan is your child’s eye health. The American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus emphasizes the need for extensive eye exams before classes begin.

Latest Trends in 2020: Latest Eyeglass Styles

It’s rather easy to think of eyeglasses as an afterthought. For some people, it could be seen as a luxury. While this may be true, your eyewear is, more often than not, the one finishing touch that will perfect your ensemble. The search for stylish, well-made eyeglasses could span decades and see you through many phases in life.

FAQ About UV Protection for Eyes

UV rays are electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. They are high-energy, invisible lights, which are generally divided into three sub-bands: UVA or near UV, UVB or middle UV, and UVC or far UV. The earth’s atmosphere absorbs UVC and partially blocks UVB. UVA, on the other hand, is not blocked at all and can burn the skin.

Why Are Pediatric Eye Exams Important?

Your ability to see has provided you with information vital for your development that was possible even before you learned to reach and grab with your hands, crawl, and then sit up. Sadly, some eye and vision problems can result in a child’s vision becoming limited in ways that could be impossible to correct later in life. But if problems are detected early on, successful treatment is possible.

How to Maintain Healthy Vision

Human beings have five senses, and sight is the most important. The sense of sight allows you to take in information and helps you stay safe. Also, you use your eyes to enjoy the beauty of the world. To continue to enjoy this sense, you need to maintain healthy vision. By keeping your eyes healthy, you can ward off eye diseases and blindness, and continue to enjoy good vision into old age.

Why is Sun Protection Important for Eye Health?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or what time of year it is, protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun is vitally important. We all know that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause our skin to burn, but many people remain blissfully unaware of the impact that UV light can have on their eyes and vision. This means that they could be unnecessarily compromising their long-term eye health and eyesight – something which could have a huge impact on their work, recreational activities and more.

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